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Possum Music

Our Vision

Possum Music is the premier children's entertainment service provider in Australia.

Our live entertainment ignites children's imagination and awareness about society and the environment.

Our Mission

To make exceptional live entertainment featuring vibrant performers, premium content and professional production, affordable and accessible to all Australian families.

Who We Are

Possum Music was founded in 2009 by Kathy Prosser (aka Kathy Possum), a classically trained musician, world traveller and passionate Australian. Within four years Kathy has won 3 national awards for her children's songs, been shortlisted for major awards on 25 occasions and has been officially recognised for her rapid business growth in the field of children's music.

In 2010 Kathy toured every state and territory in Australia with her show Walkabout Australia with her family (husband and 3 children) in tow. The tour was a great success and so in 2011 Kathy commenced her second tour Exploring Australia. Kathy's QLD and Northern NSW clients were offered the opportunity to pre-book Kathy's new show in 2011 - 99 per cent of clients took up the offer. As a result, Possum Music was only able to cater for our Qld and Northern NSW clientele in 2011, performing 136 shows to more than 5000 children within a 5 month period!

In 2012, Ricky Possum joined the Possum Music brand as an independent licensee delivering services in Western Australia. Once again Kathy Possum toured QLD and NSW performer over 180 shows to approximately 8000 children.

2013 was another great year for Possum Music with Jimmy Possum, Heather Possum and Lexy Possum being recruited to service markets in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney respectively. Possum Music delivered more than 350 performances to more than 14 000 children.

Planning for 2014 is well underway, with a new show - Grandad's Place - and a new performer being recruited to perform the Regional QLD and NSW tours.

As we are entrusted with such precious little people, all Possum Music employees hold the relevant police statement for working with children within their area.

All Possum Music performers are experienced professionals and have received specific training in the shows they deliver.

What We Do

We provide high end live entertainment for children. The majority of our shows are performed in schools, pre-schools and childcare facilities however we are stage performances for festivals, shopping centres, libraries, large corporations and private functions.

All our shows contain a high educational content with strong Australian themes. All our shows utilise original commercial quality music, professional puppets and production. For a full list of our services please click here.

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Kathy Possum

Kathy Posser

Winner of the 2013 Songs for Children Category of Australia's longest running and most prestigious song-writing contest - the Australian Songwriters Association National Song-writing Contest - Kathy has performed to thousands of children right around Australia. Kathy's unique ability to hold children captivated for the entire show has to be seen to be believed. One minute she has the children laughing and shouting, the next moment you can hear a pin drop.

Kathy has been playing music from the age of 5. She has played alongside Andrew Farris (INXS) and supported bands such as Kate Ceberano and Mental as Anything. Kathy has been trained in performance by the renowned National institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA). She is well travelled and adamant Australia is the best country on the planet.

I love it (the job). Kids are so smart, you set the bar high and they rise to it every time. I take my work very seriously, we are imprinting information and ideas into little peoples minds and this is a huge responsibility.

Kathy is married with 3 children aged 12, 6 and 5 years.

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Ricky Possum

Ricky Possum

A well established performer, Ricky has a delightful stage presence which children find irresistible. Like the Pied Piper, she has a terrific ability to connect with the children and really draw them into the moment.

Ricky's passion for drama began at a young age with her talents being awarded at the outset. She is an experienced musician having fronted several well established bands. Ricky has also worked in the area of community development for over 12 years, focusing on young people, and more recently in the field of education and training.

I love helping kids learn about their environment and music is such a fun and fantastic way to achieve this. Hearing children rattle off the lyrics to our songs brings a huge smile to my face. That's what it's all about.

Ricky and her partner have two kids aged 7 months and 2 years and with a strong love of Australia, hope to take them all the way around one day ... after nappies!

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Jimmy Possum

Jimmy Possum

Jimmy's BIO required.

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