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Posssum Music is currently recruiting performers for its Brisbane 2014 season. Performers will be required to deliver the Diggin' History and Grandad's Place shows in Brisbane from 22 April until 27 June 2014.

Performances will be delivered to all areas of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Ipswich.

Brisbane Tour

Date Day Serviced From AM PM
21/04/2014 Monday Brisbane Not Available Not Available
22/04/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Available Available
23/04/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Available Available
24/04/2014 Thursday Brisbane Available Available
25/04/2014 Friday Brisbane Not Available Not Available
28/04/2014 Monday Brisbane Reserved Available
29/04/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Reserved Available
30/04/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
1/05/2014 Thursday Brisbane Reserved Available
2/05/2014 Friday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
5/05/2014 Monday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
6/05/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
7/05/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
8/05/2014 Thursday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
9/05/2014 Friday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
12/05/2014 Monday Brisbane Reserved Available
13/05/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Reserved Available
14/05/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Reserved Available
15/05/2014 Thursday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
16/05/2014 Friday Brisbane Reserved Available
19/05/2014 Monday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
20/05/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
21/05/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
22/05/2014 Thursday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
23/05/2014 Friday Brisbane Reserved Available
26/05/2014 Monday Brisbane Reserved Available
27/05/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Reserved Available
28/05/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Reserved Available
29/05/2014 Thursday Brisbane Reserved Available
30/05/2014 Friday Brisbane Available Available
2/06/2014 Monday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
3/06/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Reserved Reserved
4/06/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Reserved Available
5/06/2014 Thursday Brisbane Reserved Available
6/06/2014 Friday Brisbane Reserved Available
9/06/2014 Monday Brisbane Available Available
10/06/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Available Available
11/06/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Available Available
12/06/2014 Thursday Brisbane Available Available
13/06/2014 Friday Brisbane Available Available
16/06/2014 Monday Brisbane Available Available
17/06/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Available Available
18/06/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Available Available
19/06/2014 Thursday Brisbane Available Available
20/06/2014 Friday Brisbane Available Available
23/06/2014 Monday Brisbane Available Available
24/06/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Available Available
25/06/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Available Available
26/06/2014 Thursday Brisbane Available Available
27/06/2014 Friday Brisbane Available Available
30/06/2014 Monday Brisbane School Holidays School Holidays
1/07/2014 Tuesday Brisbane School Holidays School Holidays
2/07/2014 Wednesday Brisbane School Holidays School Holidays
3/07/2014 Thursday Brisbane School Holidays School Holidays
4/07/2014 Friday Brisbane School Holidays School Holidays
7/07/2014 Monday Brisbane Not Available Not Available
8/07/2014 Tuesday Brisbane Not Available Not Available
9/07/2014 Wednesday Brisbane Not Available Not Available
10/07/2014 Thursday Brisbane Not Available Not Available
11/07/2014 Friday Brisbane Not Available Not Available

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