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Possum Music is a leading visiting incursion provider within the Early Learning Sector in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Possum Music expanded its services into Perth through a licensee in 2012.

In 2013 Possum Music has already established a Brisbane based performer and will shortly finalise recruitment for the Melbourne market.

Later in 2013 Possum Music will select a Sydney based performer for the Sydney market.

In 2014 Possum Music will recruit an Adelaide based performer for the Adelaide market, and touring performers for the Queensland Regional market, Northern NSW Regional Market, Southern NSW Regional Market, and Victorian Regional Markets.

Once these performers are established and financially viable, Possum Music will ensure tours of Tasmania, Regional South Australia and the Northern Territory also take place annually.

We strongly believe that ALL Australian children deserve affordable, premium educational entertainment.

Possum Music aims to be Australia's first national music and puppetry incursion provider.

United States of America

Possum Music's owner, Kathy Prosser (aka Kathy Possum) will be taking her shows to the USA in early July 2014.

It is hoped that the US market will embrace Kathy's services as enthusiastically as Early Learning Providers within Australia have done, providing sufficient resources for Kathy Possum shows and Possum Music's administration to continuously improve.

Performers Wanted

We are always on the lookout for dynamic performers with a strong interest in children's music and early learning so we can bring our shows to even more children.

If you are interested, please contact us to discuss.

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