Terms and Conditions

Recording the Performance

Under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (Copyright Act) a performance can only be recorded with the authority of the performer, and the performer has rights to prevent the use of an unauthorised performance. Please ensure that no recording devices are present at the performance unless agreed in writing.

Payment Arrangements

Payment is to be made in the currency of the country in which the performance takes place.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing beforehand, once a performance commences, payment is due:

  • Immediately upon the conclusion of the performance if paying by cash or business cheque, or
  • Within 7 calendar days if paying by direct deposit, internet bank transfer or through PayPal.

Cancellation of a Booking

The minimum notice period for cancellation is 14 days. If a client cancels a booking with less than 14 days notice, Possum Music reserves the right to charge a $100 cancellation fee.

Should Possum Music need to cancel a performance within 14 days, an alternative performance date and time will be negotiated.

Supervision of Children

Employees of Possum Music do not provide supervision. All supervision is the sole responsibility of the contracted party.  Possum Music will not be held liable for any event or injury resulting from inadequate supervision.

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